Welcome my name is Rick Billings and I help people earn residual income in the health and wellness industry. Here are some of the assets I've built for people who join my team in ARIIX--THE Opportunity Company.

Rick Billings, CEO Rank in ARIIX
Orlando, Florida | 407-733-3502

These are a few of the websites that I have designed & created myself for our team.
Who is Rick Billings?

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Downline Duplication

Here's a Marketing Funnels that I have created to assist our team in building their business. 

Explore ARIIX . . .

I created this website to help people do their due diligence  as they Explore ARIIX as an opportunity.


Our team private training and support website. It includes two courses to jump start your business. 

YouTube.com Channels

Here are two of my YouTube channels and you can find a lot of great videos here.  

Join Rick Billings in ARIIX

This is redirect link to my ARIIX enrollment page for those who want to join me and enroll online.